I am not alone

Sep 12, 2020

Here is my story; I got married in February 2020, right before Covid-19, thank God. We were newlyweds; new home, new life during quarantine, which was amazing. We weren’t really planning on having a baby straight after marriage, but we were not really careful either. We were thinking, ’if it happens, it happens ‘. Well, it did happen in the end! Not exactly a quarantine baby, but right after quarantine, I got pregnant.

Now I am 13 weeks pregnant. The first months were like hell! I couldn’t lift a finger as I was so tired…tired because it was really hard for me both physically and emotionally to adapt myself to this news! I got so scared about how I was going to deal with this responsibility, and if I was going to be a good, and “enough” mum emotionally, and financially. When I was panicking about all of it, literally all the time, my husband become unemployed. I could take it if I wasn’t pregnant, but with the hormones, and me thinking about the financial side of things all the time, I couldn’t sleep properly for 2 whole weeks and I lost weight. Then I realised I should clean my head from all of these thoughts because I was harming myself and my baby.

I’m still having a hard time accepting all of this stress around me, but when I read all the stories you post here (Motherhood Truths), it makes me realise I am not alone.

Father and baby

Father and baby

After my son was born, my husband was only able to take 3 days off work.