About me

Motherhood Truths has come out of my own personal journey of becoming a mother. For me, the transition to being a mum was, and (at times) continues to challenge me like nothing else has. Not only in the classic sense of managing tantrums, dealing with the lack of sleep etc. More of a challenge from within, a personal journey into a new way of being, a new outlook on the world and my place in it, and loving in a way, I did not know I could.

About me

Hi, I’m 45 years old and mother to my 3-year-old son, Aren. I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally maternal mother; I’m not a yummy mummy, I’m not the many hats, have it all mother, I’m not the cool hipster mother. I am just a woman, doing her best, and hoping that my best is good enough.

I have often sat up in the middle of the night searching the internet for reassurance from the many motherhood sites around the world. I looked for advice and support on classic issues such sleep routines and potty training, but also about my own anxieties and feelings. Is it normal to wish for my old life back? Am I doing this right? Do I love my child enough? Am I the only mother in the world feeling like this?…Turns out I’m not.

Conversations with mothers


“For many mothers, the guilt and self-doubt we carry is not noticeable to the outside world, but is stirs inside us.”

Through conversations with women I have often found comfort, but also at times, it has led me to question myself and compare myself to others. How do they make it look so easy? How do they manage to have it all? It was only the open and honest conversations with mothers that provided reassurance to me and allowed a window for other women to share things that they held tight for so long. For many mothers, the guilt and self-doubt we carry is not noticeable to the outside world but is stirs inside us.

Motherhood Truths is simply an extension of these conversations. It is a platform and outlet for women to be wholeheartedly honest in their joy and struggles of motherhood, and allow others to find comfort and reassurance, and hopefully some helpful information along the way!

I invite you to join me in this journey…

Share your motherhood truths

Being honest about your motherhood journey is the greatest gift you can give another mum. Send your story to me to be featured on the website, you can choose to give your name or be anonymous.