Father and baby

Sep 29, 2020

After my son was born, my husband was only able to take 3 days off work. One day was taken up with paperwork. I did not see much benefit in the remaining 2 days. In fact, I did not see any benefit in the first month. He was afraid of being alone with the child, of taking him in his arms. One day I got angry and told him to  get involved with the baby and asked why he didn’t hold him.

He said, ‘I’m afraid I’ll hurt him’. At that moment I put myself in his shoes. He could have been right. They always say that fatherhood develops later in fathers. It was no problem for me from right from the beginning, I felt confident.  It was like I just knew what to do as soon as my son was born, as if I had known for years.

 I gave my husband time and eventually he started winding the baby in the evenings.  When my son was 2 months old, he would even take him to the park for a walk on his own. This was a huge reward for me back then. All mothers know what it feels like to have half an hour to themselves. 

Covid Surprise

Covid Surprise

“I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. My period was late and I was feeling sick..